Sunday, July 5, 2009

New Favorite

I have a new favorite yarn: Vanna's Choice knitting worsted. It's so plush and soft and there are some unique shades to choose from. I used to always use Red Heart which I like a lot and will continue to use. For the 12-point round ripple afghan I'm crocheting I needed a silvery blue and happened to spot some at Hobby Lobby. It's wonderful to work with. I don't get to Hobby Lobby often since it's an hour away but I'll be looking at the color choices of Vanna's yarn online so I'll know what I want next time I get to Saginaw. I could order it from Herrshners but there's shipping costs to consider. Plus, what you see in a catalogue isn't exactly what you see in person. I may get too antsy to wait and order some anyway!


Ann said...

I love Vanna's Choice, too. It is great to work with!
I think my favorite yarn is Caron's Simply Soft, but it does have a tendency to split.
I am one hour away from a Hobby Lobby in one direction and 2 in another, so I don't get there as often as I would like. That is my excuse for stocking up when I do get to go there!

mishap said...

I use a lot of the lion brand yarn, it does seem a lot softer than the red heart worsted.

mishap said...

Ann you can order direct from Lion for the Vanna's choice. I love both caron's simply soft and a variety of Lion Brand yarns.