Friday, December 26, 2014

...And Another

My husband blocked this for me yesterday.  I keep cranking them out even though they hardly ever sell in my eBay store.  The designated shelf in my office is stacking up!  :-)

Since my 91-year-old father-in-law has been in critical condition in the hospital since September we didn't do anything for Christmas.  No decorations or tree.  I did receive quite a few cards but didn't send any out this year.

The ice on our lake groans and pops all day and night and when I let my Chihuahua Ginger out to potty she hears it and acts as if there is an intruder in the yard.

My latest: Tailspin Doily. 17" Diameter. Color: Aunt Lydia's Frosty Green. Pattern by Delsie Rhoades.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Adventure From The Frog Pond

I was crocheting on a doily last night and had to frog two rows back.  Then, I put the 2 rows back on and made another mistake and had to frog the last row again.  Argh!  I think my head was in another world last night. 

I had to order a new dog bed for Ginger today. The one she had was so old. Plus, she puked all over it last night and I can't take the cover off and wash it anymore for fear all the stuffing will come out of the pillow when I take the cover off. We only buy her Hidden Valley Sherpa Nuzzle Nests because she is a chihuahua and chihuahuas love to sleep in beds that envelope them. When she lays on the couch she tunnels completely beneath her quilt. Spoiled!

Friday, December 5, 2014


I can't stop!  lol

I have another one in the works.  It is confusing reading the chart because it is French but I'm slogging through it because it is one I've always wanted to make.

On another note:

Our lake is freezing over and it is popping and groaning.  It sounds so eerie at night.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Never Too Late

I want to sell this in my eBay store.  I wonder if it is too late to sell something for Christmas?  Maybe it could be used any time of the year.   I normally do not make anything with roses because I hate making them but these roses were different than most to make.

A lady gave me some Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable yarn - color Winery - so I made the infinity scarf which I will never wear but liked the camel crochet stitches and the softness and sheen of the yarn.