Thursday, September 4, 2014

Start Early

Bear with me on my posts.  BlogSpot won't let me remove the italics for some buggy reason.

Anyway, I thought September would be early enough to start Christmas doilies, centerpieces and table runners.  NOT!  Every place I have scoured - online and stores - are sold out of pine green and scarlet size 3 fashion thread.  HH Tatting has the colors in Lizbeth thread but by the time I buy 4 balls of thread plus shipping I would be paying $30 for it.  That's more than I get for selling one in my eBay store.  Next year I should start in June and stock up.

It's turning chilly here in Michigan.  I can't wait to go to our Arizona house for the winter.  It's warmer plus I miss my yarn, thread and patterns I have there.  lol

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