Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Band Wagon

I figured I would jump on the band wagon and make a Halloween doily.

There is a limited market for Halloween doilies so I will be making a few Christmas doilies to put in my eBay store.  I will be taking them to my winter home in Arizona.  They shouldn't get crushed in my luggage but if they do my husband will re-block them.  He does all my blocking because I do not have the patience.
My roses bloomed profusely during the summer.

They are resting now but hopefully they will bloom one more time. 
My fuschia plant lasted the winter covered in the pantry over the winter even though it was -30.  It is twice as big now.
Today is blueberry muffin day.  My husband loves them.  I'll make a few with streusel topping because I like them sweeter.


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