Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rounding The Bend

I have to crochet the sleeves and then I'm finished with the chenille sweater. I hope it doesn't look too quaint. If it does I'll just wear it around the house.

We watched more Earth grazers last night and they were spectacular! My Daddy used to watch all the meteor showers with me and we would have long discussions about all things scientific way into the night. I sure miss that.

DH is putting new shingles on the roof so he's headed out the door to do some before it gets too hot up there.

We're going to the thrift store in Hale even though we don't need another thing to pile up awaiting sale on eBay. But, there's always that feeling when you find something great that will sell for a high price.


Ann said...

I wish I could stay up late enough to watch! I am so sleepy by 10:30 I have to go to bed.
Be sure and post a picture of the sweater, I'll bet it is gorgeous.

crochethuahua said...

I'm usually sleepy by that time, too but I just prop my eyelids up with toothpicks for something exciting! lol

I will post a picture of the sweater. I'm not decided on whether or not I like it.