Sunday, May 17, 2009

Who Does The Measuring?

I wonder who measures the doilies that I see in pattern magazines? I have seen several patterns that give a finished measurement and the measurement is way off. For instance: I am making a doily that says the finished measurement using size 20 thread and a size 8 hook will be 14 1/2 inches. I am using size 10 thread instead and a size 8 hook and the doily is only going to be about 12 inches finished size. It should be larger than the stated size since I am using a larger thread. I've even seen patterns that call for size 30 or 40 thread and a size 10 or smaller hook and I'll substitute size 10 thread and use a size 7 hook and mine turns out about the same size or smaller. Of course I know better when I start the doily isn't going to be the stated size by looking at how many rows there are. Just a musing of mine.


Ann said...

It is the technical editors, blame it on them!!!!!!
I used to work in the Annie's Attic and NSL tech ed department, and one of the things you are supposed to do for each pattern is figure a gauge and the finished size (they are supposed to match; like if you are getting 6 stitch to the inch and have 60 stitch it should be 10 inches across). But it is hard to figure a gauge on something like a doily with lots of chain spaces. But you would think they could at least get the finished size right.
Actually I have the greatest respect for tech editors; it is a very difficult job,and somebody has to do it, but thank goodness it is not me anymore!
(Wow, sorry for the mile long comment!)

Ana Luisa said...

I never pay attention to those measurements, because I never use the thread and hook number called for. I always use what thread I have in my stash, and here where I live there isn't much choice anymore. In the end, does it really matter? he he,

crochethuahua said...

I never use the thread or hook that is called for either.