Sunday, May 17, 2015

Something Fun To Do

I like seeing all the color combinations of the ladies in one of my Face Book crochet groups.

This was the May CAL.  It is called Summer Splendor.

I wish I could make my blog not print everything in italics.

Here it is May in Michigan and the temperature this morning is 63 F and is supposed to rain this

afternoon.  I wish it would warm up enough to plant my vegetable garden and a few more rose

bushes in my rose garden.  We may not plant as many vegetables as we usually do because my FIL is

in the hospital and my husband and I can't eat that many vegetables.  He always plants too much.

Usually we give some to the neighbor and set some in a box next to our mail box with free written on

the side.  They disappear quickly!


Charlotte Huffman said...

Beautiful doily. Wish I lived close enough to enjoy some of the bounty!

crochethuahua said...

Thank you! I wish you did too.