Friday, January 23, 2015


I normally do not make pineapple doilies because I don't care for them because there are too many patterns for pineapples out there.  But, this pattern was a little unusual and besides that I had some new Lizbeth size 20 thread that was perfect for this doily.  It sort of creates an optical illusion.

So far, January hasn't been too bad weather-wise.  I hope February isn't a deep freeze.

MY FIL has been in the hospital since September and they are moving him to a nursing home that is actually connected to the hospital building.  He needs to be weaned off the oxygen that is going through his neck where he had a tracheotomy before he can come home.

I'm nearly finished with another doily.  It is something to do before I decide what patterns I'm going to use with a few different hand-dyed balls of thread I recently purchased.

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Charlotte Huffman said...

What a beautiful doily! It does have an optical illusion effect. Hope your FIL heals.