Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

Happy birthday Jesus!

Still no bids on my Valentine doily. I may have put it in my store too early. I am now making a non-holiday doily.

My husband came across a big stack of Magic Crochet magazines and some Decorative ones, too and some are in my store and the rest will be in there tomorrow. I didn't keep any of them because I have every single issue of MC and a lot of the DC. I don't know how many DC were published but I need to start working on getting them all, too!


Faith said...

some of your posts are readable, and the others are in some fancy script. Blogger does strange things..your doily(s) are gorgeous, I have not made one in about 1 year or more, and it's been a few months now since I've done anything threadwise. Looking for a good project....

crochethuahua said...

I can't seem to stop making doilies! I am taking a break from thread and am crocheting a baby blanket. This blogger does do strange things. They have also changed it and it's hard for me to navigate around.