Monday, March 16, 2009


The Wild Irish Rose doily sold for $13.00 on eBay last night. Peanuts! Some people sell doilies on there for $30 and $40 and they are plain looking and pretty much basic. I guess I'd better start making ho-hum doilies if I want to make any money.


Ann said...

Oh, Pamela, what a bummer!
That was a beautiful doily, whoever got it got a great deal.
There is an eBay seller (oriental mom) who sells my tea party doily (only she changes the base part to a pineapple design) for about $40.00. I guess they must sell for that because she keeps listing them, and has them available in all colors.

Brenda said...

It beats me why some people can get a bid on everything they list and others can't get one.

There is one lady who sells potholders and gets anywhere from $70 to over $100 for everyone of them. I have to wonder why???